Design and Implementation of PI Controller for the Speed Control of DC Motor in Cooling System

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Volume-9 Number-5                          
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors : Aruna.K , Pravin.M.R , Ramachandran.J , Sudheer.S , Sathiyasekar.K


Aruna.K , Pravin.M.R , Ramachandran.J , Sudheer.S , Sathiyasekar.K. "Design and Implementation of PI Controller for the Speed Control of DC Motor in Cooling System", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology(IJETT), V9(5),241-245 March 2014. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group


In recent days power consumption is becoming one of the most important constraints. This paper presents the design and implementation of PI controller using FPGA for the speed control of DC motor in the cooling system. In many industrial applications like Transformer, diesel engine etc., there is need to maintain the temperature to prevent the system from damage. Here the PMDC (Permanent Magnet DC) motor is used to drive the cooling fan in cooling system because they offer several advantages like no field winding, small in size, increase in efficiency .This study includes real time temperature control using a PI controller implemented on FPGA. The terminal voltage of the motor is controlled by using chopper, here MOSFET is used as a switching device in which the on and off time depends on the temperature variation. PI controller and PWM technique are used to control the speed which is described. The temperature variation and speed of the motor can be monitored in LCD display. The power saving can be done by automation in the speed control of the motor. The controller is modelled and the concept is proven using Mat Lab and the final simulation results are presented as well.


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Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA), MOSFET, Proportional–Integral (PI) controller, Pulse Width Modulation(PWM).