Volume-30 Number-7 December 2015

Title/Author Name
Ref. No
61 Contrivance of Jamming Technology in Eliminating Landmines by Pursuit of Automation with the Aid of i-Amt Robot

- M.P.Girish, M.Ashwin, C.Varun, Bhuvaneswaran.P

62 Performance Evaluation for GSM Receiver Using Software Defined Radio

- Asmaa Mohammed, Heba Asem, Hatem Yousry, Abdelhalim Zekry

63 A distributed k-mean clustering algorithm for cloud data mining

- Renu Asnani

64 A Guaranteed Stable Sliding Discrete Fourier Transform Algorithm to Reduced Computational Complexities

- Naveen Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Mehra, Buddhi Prakash Sharma

65 Cost Effective Proposal to Produce Clinical Engineering Professional to Sustain the Health Care Services of Developing Countries Such as Bangladesh

- Md. Anwar Hossain, Mohiuddin Ahmad, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Abdur Rashid

66 Optimization in Tube Bundels of Air cooled Heat Exchanger Analysis with HTRI Software

- Dr.P K Panday, Pritam Singh Patel

67 Investigation of Heat Treatment on Al 6061- Al2O3 Composite & Analysis of Corrosion Behaviour

- Rufin Rasheed.R, Vishnu Deth.K.J, Alphonse Mathew

68 Publish/Subscribe Methodology Using Clustering (PSMUC) Algorithm for Increasing Rate of Delivery in VANET

- Ankita Verma, Dr Satya Ranjan Patra, Prof. Pankaj Richariya, Aditya Sinha

69 Automatic Car license plate Recognition system using Multiclass SVM and OCR

- Ravindra Madhukar, Ravendra Ratan Singh

70 Effective Video Watermarking Technique Using Binary Tree Structure with Feature Point Extraction

- Ms.S.Ponni@Sathya, Dr.S.Ramakrishnan, V.Roopa, A.Sonia