Volume-32 Number-2 February 2016

Title/Author Name
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11 Detection of best location for the placement of the piezo pair on the smart beams using P O F technique

- Mr. Arunkumar G., Dr. T.C.Manjunath

12 Improved Performance of Ber for Efficient Timing Division in Cognitive Radio Systems

- Tanveer Khan, Jitendra Kumar Mishra

13 IoT based Data Logger System for weather monitoring using Wireless sensor networks

- Kondamudi Siva Sai Ram, A.N.P.S.Gupta

14 Friction Stir Welding of Wrought Aluminium Alloys - A Short Review

- Jacob John, Shanmughanatan S.P, Kiran M.B

15 A Comparative Study on Environmental Flows Assessment Methods in Lower Reach of Mahanadi River

- Sangitarani Sahoo, Deepak Khare, Prabhas K Mishra, Satyapriya Behera,

Radha Krishan

16 A Case Study on Modelling and Simulation to know the Optimum no. of Service Points in Sheet Metal Automotive Component of Manufacturing Industry

- Mohammad Javed, Dr. Vishal Saxena

17 3D Drawing Program Which Processes Sensor Voltage Ratings Instantly From Parallel Port

- Yavuz Ege, Hakan Çıtak, Mustafa Çoramık

18 Simulating Drag and Lift Coefficient Variation of the MI VAWT1 airfoil with Angle of Attack at Low Reynolds Number

- Krishpersad Manohar, Rikhi Ramkissoon

19 Impact and Strength Analysis of All-Steel Sandwich Structures for Different Core Shapes

- Satya Kiran O. N. V, Dr. A. Gopichand, Mahesh Krishna B, P S N Raju

20 Image Fusion Techniques-A Comparative Study

- Vibha Gupta, Sakshi Mehra