Volume-33 Number-9 March 2016

Title/Author Name
Ref. No
81 Security System with Image Capturing using Microcontroller

- AnupNeopany, Priyanka Rana, Sadixya Pradhan, Abyash Gautam, Aarfin Ashraf, Deepak Rasaily

82 Study on Earthquake Resistant Building - (Base Isolation)

- Prashika Tamang Bijay Kumar Gupta, Bidisha Rai, Karsang Chukey Bhutia, Chungku Sherpa

83 Wireless Controlled Robotic Arm Designed on RF-FSK & 8051

- Cherryla Tobden, Karma Gyatsho, Rinku Bhutia, Shyam Chhinal, Aarfin Ashraf, Deepak Rasaily

84 Designed Accident Prevention System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

- Deepak Rasaily, Aarfin Ashraf, Cherryla Tobden, Rinku Bhutia, Shyam Chhinal, Karma Gyatsho

85 Effect of Process Parameters on Surface Roughness of Cylindrical Grinding Process on Ohns (Aisi 0-1) Steel Rounds using ANOVA

- M.Melwin Jagadeesh Sridhar, P.Sathish Kumar

86 Analytical Hierarchy Process to explore the influence of social networking on student’s academic performance

- Addisu Mesfin, Prof.Shruti Patil

87 A Survey on Task Scheduling Techniques in Cloud Computing

- Anshul Ahluwalia, Vivek Sharma

88 Experimental Studies on an Evaporative Cooler as an option to mitigate post-harvest losses experienced by commercial producers of vegetables in Ghana

- Sekyere C. K. K, Forson F.K, Amo-Aidoo A, Afriyie J.K

89 Simulation Based performance evaluation and comparison of wired VoIP services over UDP and SCTP protocol

- SielayGebru, PrachiKadam