Implementation of Hamming code using VLSI

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Volume-4 Issue-2                       
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors : Nutan Shep , Mrs. P.H. Bhagat


Nutan Shep , Mrs. P.H. Bhagat. "Implementation of Hamming code using VLSI". International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT). V4(2):186-190 Feb 2013. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group


This paper tries to explain the implementation of hamming code using VLSI . In the present world the field of communication has got many applications, and in every field the data is encoded at the transmitter and transferred on a communication channel and received at the receiver after it is decoded. During the transmission of data it might get corrupted because of some noise on the channel . So it is necessary for the receiver to have some function which can detect the error in the received data . Hamming code is one of such forward error correcting code which has got many applications. In this paper the algorithm for hamming code is discussed and then implement ation of it in verilog is done to get the results . Hamming code is an improvement over parity check method . Here a code is implemented in verilog in which 4 - bit of informat ion data is transmitted with 3 - redundancy bits . In order to find the value of these redundancy bits a code is written in verilog which will be simulated in X illinx 9.1 software . Th e result of simulation and test bench waveforms are also shown .


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VLSI, verilog, xillinx, redundancy, parity, Hamming .