Comparative Analysis on Algorithm that can be used for Stock Market Prediction

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Volume-67 Issue-4
Year of Publication : 2019
Authors : Abhishek Kapratwar, Ahad Patel, Rushikesh Helwade, Nikita Khandagale, Prof. Amol Kamble
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V67I4P206


MLA Style: Abhishek Kapratwar, Ahad Patel, Rushikesh Helwade, Nikita Khandagale, Prof. Amol Kamble "Comparative Analysis on Algorithm that can be used for Stock Market Prediction" International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 67.4 (2019): 22-26.

APA Style:Abhishek Kapratwar, Ahad Patel, Rushikesh Helwade, Nikita Khandagale, Prof. Amol Kamble (2019). Comparative Analysis on Algorithm that can be used for Stock Market Prediction. International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 67(4), 22-26.

Stock market keeps on changing with time and making prediction of stock market has proven to be one of the major problems of the financial industry. The traditional method for making predictions of the stock market is with the help of data mining techniques. In this paper the aim is to cover the various algorithms that are already being used for making prediction of stock market. The paper gives an idea about how different machine learning algorithm such as the SVM, Regression, ARIMA, Random Forest, Decision Tree are used for making predictions and also tells how the various Neural Networks that have been employed to help predicting stock market trends. The paper also contains a proposed idea of using Naïve Bayes algorithm for making stock market prediction.

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Stock Market Prediction, Supervised Learning, Classification, Regression, Naïve Bayes.