Feature Centric Data Augmentation Model-Based Mobile Commerce for Efficient Retail Growth using BlockChain

Feature Centric Data Augmentation Model-Based Mobile Commerce for Efficient Retail Growth using BlockChain

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Volume-70 Issue-3
Year of Publication : 2022
Authors : Rajesh Kumar .M, Venkatesh .J, Zubair Rahman .A. M. J. Md

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Rajesh Kumar .M, Venkatesh .J, Zubair Rahman .A. M. J. Md, "Feature Centric Data Augmentation Model-Based Mobile Commerce for Efficient Retail Growth using BlockChain," International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, vol. 70, no. 3, pp. 179-184, 2022. Crossref, https://doi.org/10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V70I3P220

The recent trends in mobile commerce have been well studied and identified several approaches available towards the growth of the retail industry. However, the methods suffer to identify the efficient tool to hike the growth of the retail industry due to the poor management of data and security. Towards improving the performance of the retail industry, and efficient Feature Centric Data Augmentation Model (FCDAM) is presented in this article. The method has been designed for the development of mobile commerce performance and supports effective retail growth. The model adapts feature centric data augmentation techniques in producing efficient data for the user. The method maintains a number of traces of different user purchases and estimates feature centric popularity (FCP), feature centric retail support (FCRS) and feature centric augmentation support (FCAS) values. Using all these values, the model selects different products to the cart of the user at the mobile devices. Using the value of other measures, the value of product support (PS) has been measured to rank the products. Similarly, the augmented and purchase values are maintained using blockchain. Towards data security, the method uses feature centric data encryption and blockchain technique in improving the performance and growth of the retail industry. By incorporating the model, the performance of mobile commerce, as well as retail growth, is improved.

BlockChain, Data Augmentation, Mobile Commerce, Retail Growth, FCDAM.

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