Design, Modeling and Analysis of Helical Gear According Bending Strength Using AGMA and ANSYS

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Volume-8 Number-9                          
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors : A.Y Gidado , I. Muhammad , A. A. Umar


A.Y Gidado , I. Muhammad , A. A. Umar. "Design, Modeling and Analysis of Helical Gear According Bending Strength Using AGMA and ANSYS", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology(IJETT), V8(9),495-499 February 2014. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group


there are two kinds of stresses in gear teeth, root bending stresses and tooth contact stresses. These two stresses results in the failure of gear teeth, root bending stress results in fatigue fracture and contact stresses results in pitting failure at the contact surface. So both these stresses are to be considered when designing gears. Usually heavily loaded gears are made of ferrous materials that have infinite life for bending loads. But it is impossible to design gears with infinite life against surface failure. In this paper one of the principal failure modes are studied based on the calculation of bending stress. Helical gears are widely used in industry where the power transmission is required at heavy loads with smoother and noiseless operation. To estimate the bending stress, three-dimensional solid models for different face width are generated by Pro/Engineer that is a powerful and modern solid modeling software and the numerical solution is done by ANSYS, which is a finite element analysis package. The analytical investigation is based on Lewis stress formula. In this paper a helical gear was modeled on Pro engineer wildfire 4.0 and stress analysis part is done on ANSYS 11.0. The results are then compared with both AGMA and FEM procedures.


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Design, Modeling, Helical Gear, Bending Stress, AGMA, FEA .