A Review On Energy Efficient Secure Routing For Data Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Networks

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Volume-4 Issue-10
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors : K.Sasikala , M.Geetha


K.Sasikala , M.Geetha. "A Review On Energy Efficient Secure Routing For Data Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Networks". International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT). V4(10):4579-4583 Oct 2013. ISSN:2231-5381. www.ijettjournal.org. published by seventh sense research group.


Wireless sensor nodes challenges are supply maximum lifetime and provide secure communication to network. It has small in size and limited processing capability with very low battery power. This restriction of low battery power makes the sensor network prone to failure. So it conserves battery power or energy with some security considerations. The energy is mainly consumed for three purposes: data transmission, signals and hardware usage. Most of energy consumption happens because of data transmission. The data transmission can be optimized by using efficient secure routing and effective ways of data aggregation. Data aggregation technique maximize the lifetime of wireless sensor network by decreasing the number of packets to be sent to sink or base station. Cluster-heads implement data aggregation for distinct data in encrypted form is transmitted from sensor nodes to the base station via cluster-heads. Cluster heads no need of information about sensor data.


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Sensor network; secure routing, Data aggregation; Cluster;