Analysis of Stub Loaded Embedded With Open Loop Resonator for Multiband Band Pass Filter

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Volume-7 Number-3                          
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors :  J.Parimala , H.Umma Habiba , S.Pachiyappan


J.Parimala , H.Umma Habiba , S.Pachiyappan, Article : Analysis of Stub Loaded Embedded With Open Loop Resonator for Multiband Band Pass Filter, International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology(IJETT), 7(3),155-159, published by seventh sense research group


This paper presents a high-selectivity planar multi-band band pass filter with high interference suppression between the bands. The proposed filter utilizes two different kinds of resonators, i.e., stub-loaded resonator and open loop resonator. To reduce the circuit size open loop resonator is embedded inside the stub-loaded resonator hence compact in size. A multi band BPF is designed for the applications of mobile communication at 1.0 GHz, the Global Positioning System at 1.5GHz, Bluetooth at 2.45GHz, WiMAX at 3.2GHz. Stub loaded resonator is designed to operate center frequency at 1.0GHz and 3.2GHz and the open loop resonator at 1.5GHz and 2.45GHz.The pass bands can be conveniently tuned to desired frequencies by controlling the corresponding resonator dimensions. Inter digital capacitor is used to realize inter-stage coupling between two resonators


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Band pass filter (BPF), Stub-loaded resonator, Open-loop resonator, Coupling coefficient, Fractional bandwidth, Defected ground structure (DGS), Electronic band gap (EBG).