A Study on Biometric Template Protection Techniques

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Volume-7 Number-4                          
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors :  Poongodi.P , Betty.P


Poongodi.P , Betty.P, Article : A Study on Biometric Template Protection Techniques, International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology(IJETT), 7(4),202-204, published by seventh sense research group


Biometrics is a technique that is used to identify a person using quantifiable biological or behavioral characteristics. It is used to identify individuals in a group that are under surveillance based on stored templates in the database.To prevent fradulent acts like faking ID badge or licences and to ensure Security and privacy Biometric is used.Though Biometric process has several advantages it is vulnérable to attacks which compromise the Security objectives of the system.The different modules of biometric system are affected by various attacks of which securing the biometric template became a serious issue. In biometric systems the template and the database are critical parts. Biometric template is usually attacked by the attackers. Item is vulnerable to attacks which cause lack of security.Biometric Security must ensure Confidentiality, integrity, availability. Different types of template protection schemes like Biometric cryptosystem, Watermarking technique, Intelligent approach are available. Biometric cryptosystem securely bind a digital key to biometric or generate a key from the biometric resulting in biometric template protection. Watermarking approach is the process of embedding one pattern into another pattern. Intelligent based approach is simple and efficient. This approach is capable of autonomous action whenever the things go wrong in the system. A detailed survey on these template protection schemes and their advantages and disadvantages was discussed.


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Biometric template-Security-Multiagent system- Database audit.