A Literature Survey on Cloud Computing

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Volume-21 Number-6
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : P.Nagendra Babu, M.Chaitanya Kumari,S.Venkat Mohan
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V21P256


P.Nagendra Babu, M.Chaitanya Kumari,S.Venkat Mohan"A Literature Survey on Cloud Computing", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), V21(6),305-312 March 2015. ISSN:2231-5381. www.ijettjournal.org. published by seventh sense research group


From past decade onwards Cloud Computing plays a vital role. Cloud computing is a computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. Cloud computing is the fastest new paradigm for delivering on demand services over internet and can be described as internet centric software. Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for IT services based on Internet protocols, and it typically involves provisioning of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources. It is a byproduct and consequence of the ease-of-access to remote computing sites provided by the Internet. This frequently takes the form of web-based tools or applications that users can access and use through a web browser as if they were programs installed locally on their own computers. In this paper we discussed all the basic concepts of Cloud Computing. It is very useful to do research in this area.


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Cloud Computing, QoS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, PSO, Cloud Scheduling.