Newton-Raphson Load-Flow Analysis in Complex form with UPFC

  IJETT-book-cover  International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT)          
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Volume-27 Number-1
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : S.K.Salma Sulthana, M.Naga Jyothi
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V27P206


S.K.Salma Sulthana, M.Naga Jyothi"Newton-Raphson Load-Flow Analysis in Complex form with UPFC", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), V27(1),33-39 September 2015. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group

The important implication of complex-variable Newton-Raphson load flow analysis is that reduction in memory access is achieved by the complex-variable Newton- Raphson method. This significant reduction in memory access achieved will lead to the advantage of substantial reduction in computing time which will increase the efficiency. In addition complex-variables offer a flexible and direct approach for modelling of UPFC. This paper develops a Newton-Raphson load flow analysis formulation which includes UPFC. A brief analysis on load flow calculation methods and UPFC is presented. Proposed system is simulated for IEEE 30 BUS system using Mi-Power software.


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Load flow analysis, Newton-Raphson method, complex functions and variables, FACTS devices.