LMS Adaptive Filter Implementation using Distributed Arithmetic Methodology

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Volume-30 Number-2
Year of Publication : 2015
Authors : K.Manasa Lakshmi, S.Neelima


Banda Showry Jojappa, K Babu Rao"LMS Adaptive Filter Implementation using Distributed Arithmetic Methodology", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), V30(2),61-66 December 2015. ISSN:2231-5381. www.ijettjournal.org. published by seventh sense research group

Presentation of an efficient architecture for the implementation of a delayed least mean square adaptive filter. For achieving lower adaptation-delay and area-delay-power efficient implementation, we use a novel partial product generator and propose a strategy for optimized balanced pipelining across the timeconsuming combinational blocks of the structure. From synthesis results, we find that the proposed design offers less area-delay product (ADP) and less energy-delay product (EDP) than the best of the existing systolic structures. An efficient fixed-point implementation scheme of the proposed architecture, and derive the expression for steady-state error shows that the steady-state mean squared error obtained from the analytical result matches with the simulation result.


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Adaptive, Filter, Distributed, Arithmetic, LMS.