Forgery and Packet Drop Detection Using BloomFilter Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Network

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Volume-35 Number-4
Year of Publication : 2016
Authors : Shruthy H.N, Nagamani D.R


Shruthy H.N, Nagamani D.R"Forgery and Packet Drop Detection Using BloomFilter Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Network", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), V35(4),156-159 May 2016. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group

In Many application domains, large scale sensor networks are being deployed to collect sensor data that can be used in decision making for critical infrastructures. A malicious adversary may introduce a malicious node into the network or may compromise the existing legitimate node within the network. Hence, ensuring trustworthiness of data is necessary for effective decision making. Data provenance is a key factor in evaluating trustworthiness of data in sensor network. But, Provenance management in sensor network faces several challenges like low energy, storage and bandwidth consumption, limited resources, and adversary attack during transmission. In this paper, a novel lightweight scheme is proposed to securely transmit provenance data in wireless sensor network. The proposed technique uses in-packet bloom filter to encode provenance data. We introduce efficient mechanism for provenance verification and reconstruction of provenance at base station. Also the scheme is extended with additional functionality to detect packet drop attacks staged by consecutive malicious nodes, forwarding the data. We evaluate the proposed technique both analytically and empirically, and the results obtained using proposed scheme proves to be effective in detecting forgery and packet loss in multiple consecutive malicious sensor nodes.


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wireless sensor network, provenance data, bloom filter, security.