An Ergonomics Study of Four Wheel Vehicles: A Review Paper

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Volume-43 Number-1
Year of Publication : 2017
Authors : Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Dr. Vandana Somkuwar
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V43P202


Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Dr. Vandana Somkuwar "An Ergonomics Study of Four Wheel Vehicles: A Review Paper", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT), V43(1),5-9 January 2017. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group

In the present era of product development, designing a product is always most important stage to be considered. The success of product is mainly depends upon its efficiency and ease of use. And both these factors mainly depends upon the ergonomics of the product. Thus it been seen that ergonomics plays vital role for the success of a product. In this research work it has been tried to apply ergonomics principle particularly in the area of automobile field. A lot of work has carried out in this domain because it is always an area of concerned for the success of product. This paper gives quick view of different work related to the ergonomics study of four wheel vehicles and various consequence like fatigue, WSMD etc. Several applications of ergonomics have been proposed in the literature to solve the problem related with complicated mechanical design.


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