Digital Authentication Methodologies for Mobile Devices

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Volume-69 Issue-1
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Jyothy Joseph, Dr.K Nirmala
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V69I1P211


MLA Style: Jyothy Joseph, Dr.K Nirmala. "Digital Authentication Methodologies for Mobile Devices" International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 69.1(2021):74-80. 

APA Style:Jyothy Joseph, Dr.K Nirmala. Digital Authentication Methodologies for Mobile Devices  International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 69(1), 74-80.

In the android mobile ecosphere, data loss and financial loss are the two potential threats facing the current epoch. Both threats have multiple subdivisions and impacts many of the mobile users and organizations. Many users are passionate and thrilled to use various new features introduced by various mobile companies and applications. Without properly evaluating the security capabilities and vulnerabilities, many of them use the various extensive features available in the system. By default, all the devices and applications have different levels of built-in security features, but many of them do not utilize this appropriately or are not aware of these in the right sense. This study has attempted to list the various secured authentication features available in different layers and the type of protection that enables these features. Here, the analyses chart security features in hierarchical order starting from device-level security and then moves on to the application level security and finally fragments itself into an activity or transaction level of security features.

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Device Level Authentication, Application Level Authentication, Transaction Level Authentication, Biometric Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication