Dual State DC-DC Converter with PI and Fuzzy PI Controller for LED Drivers

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Volume-69 Issue-3
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : M.Kalarathi, K.Jayanthi
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V69I3P227


MLA Style: M.Kalarathi, K.Jayanthi "Dual State DC-DC Converter with PI and Fuzzy PI Controller for LED Drivers" International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology 69.3(2021):180-184. 

APA Style:M.Kalarathi, K.Jayanthi. Dual State DC-DC Converter with PI and Fuzzy PI Controller for LED Drivers  International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 69(3),180-184.

The intent of this proposed work is to maintain a suitable DC voltage for high power Light Emitting Diodes (LED) from a variable low DC voltage obtained from the solar PV array. Normally, a high gain switched-capacitor DC-DC converter is employed to boost output voltage. Ironically, due to the varying nature of solar PV, the output obtained from the converter also changes. The Proportional Integral (PI) controller that is used to regulate output voltage takes a considerable amount of time to attain its steady-state voltage. To overcome this, fuzzy tuned PI controllers are proposed. The performance comparison of these controllers is analyzed with respect to the settling time of converter DC output voltage. The simulation of the converter with a proposed controller is done for a power rating of 200 W, and the output settling time with the fuzzy PI controller is less compared with that of the PI controller.

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Switched capacitor DC-DC converter, LED, PI controller, fuzzy PI controller