Study On A Mini-Fan Massage To Make Shaving Easier

Study On A Mini-Fan Massage To Make Shaving Easier

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Volume-69 Issue-5
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Zhixing Tian, Myung-Jin Bae
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V69I5P219

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Zhixing Tian, Myung-Jin Bae, "Study On A Mini-Fan Massage To Make Shaving Easier," International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, vol. 69, no. 5, pp. 133-136, 2021. Crossref,

Learning to shave is one of the essential skills for adult men. For physiological reasons, most adult men grow beards, and men`s trimming, and management of beards will earn them more respect. For adult men, a sharp razor and proper shaving skills are necessary. Skin irritation caused using blunt blades or failure to use appropriate techniques can cause razor burns. Therefore, comfort during shaving is as essential as the smoothness of the skin after shaving. For shaving, smooth the skin effortlessly and without any skin irritation for a perfect shaving experience. This paper proposes the mini-fan massage method to reduce the irritation of the razor to the skin and increase the comfort of shaving. It can soften the beard and become easier to be removed, and it can soften the skin or secrete oil to increase skin lubricity. This method can make shaving easier and more comfortable. This paper uses the Sound Frequency Spectrum Analysis to observe the changes in the friction sound components between the razor and the skin and beard before and after the mini-fan massage and further explain the changes in the friction force. The experimental results show that the mini-fan massage method can reduce the friction between the razor and the skin and beard.

Mini-Fan Massage, Wet Shaving, Razor, Comfortable Shaving, Shaving Sound, Sound Spectrum Analysis.

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