Multimodal Human Computer Interactionwith Context Dependent Input Modality Suggestion and Dynamic Input Ambiguity Resolution

Multimodal Human Computer Interactionwith Context Dependent Input Modality Suggestion and Dynamic Input Ambiguity Resolution

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Volume-69 Issue-5
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : N. S. Sreekanth, N.K Narayanan
DOI :  10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V69I5P222

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N. S. Sreekanth, N.K Narayanan, "Multimodal Human Computer Interactionwith Context Dependent Input Modality Suggestion and Dynamic Input Ambiguity Resolution," International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, vol. 69, no. 5, pp. 147-151, 2021. Crossref,

This paper reports a novel approach for enhanced implementation of a practical multimodal interface system with context based input modality suggestion and dynamic input error correction or ambiguity resolution algorithm. The context based input modality suggestion algorithm suggests the user to switch over to alternate modality in adverse environment. The dynamic input error correction module helps the user to correct the omission or resolve the ambiguity in the primarily communicated message by asking for the clarification from the user. If the user provides the input corresponding to reported error, the system completes the operation without asking for a fresh start. Tricolor Finite State Transducers (T-FST) introduced in this paper, analyze the semantics of the communicated multimodal message. The strategy adopted for grammar definition provides a wider operational space for the users to interact with the computer system. A T-FST based message understanding module emphasis on completing the desired operation rather than giving importance for recognizing the each and every signal from the input channel. The proposed architecture is tested with a standard set of operations used for basic human computer interaction.

Human Computer Interaction, Speech Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Multimodal Interaction, Man Machine Interaction.

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