An Approach for Determining the Accuracy of the Field CBR Value of Road Pavement Due to Ineffective Compaction

An Approach for Determining the Accuracy of the Field CBR Value of Road Pavement Due to Ineffective Compaction

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Volume-70 Issue-3
Year of Publication : 2022
Authors : Noor Dhani, Ahmad Gasruddin, Hartini, La Baride, Nina Haryati

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Noor Dhani, Ahmad Gasruddin, Hartini, La Baride, Nina Haryati, "An Approach for Determining the Accuracy of the Field CBR Value of Road Pavement Due to Ineffective Compaction," International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, vol. 70, no. 3, pp. 295-301, 2022. Crossref,

This paper aims to provide the simplest and most applicable method as an approach for determining the field CBR value of road pavement. Soil compaction in road foundation construction is performed differently than soil compaction in the laboratory. As a result, there were various non-uniformities in soil density and CBR values that were planned with soil density and CBR values acquired in the field after compaction. Field CBR testing is often performed at a specific range to identify the difference between soil density and CBR value. However, due to the enormous number of test points, the test would take a very long time and will be quite expensive. As a result, multiple approach methods were adopted to provide a margin of error in the disparity between the CBR value and the density of the soil in the field. The defined boundaries could be used as a guide to determine the accuracy of the compaction performed. The approach method used in this study is by comparing the results of soil investigation in the laboratory to those taken in the field at various certain points. The results of the soil investigation are then utilized to assess the performance of the compaction performed in the field. When defining the targeted CBR value, the margin specified in the comparison results could be utilized as a minimum limit value.

Privacy, Association Rule Mining (ARM), Cloud, Apriori algorithm, Distributed system.

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CBR, Field CBR, Road Pavement, Soil Density.