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     International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology - IJETT - follows quick evaluation method. In order to substantially reduce the time to publication as compared with traditional journals. Submitted article result will announce as soon as posssible. Editorial board members will make the final decision. Submit the original article without any plagiarism and copyright material

    1. Each paper will be reviewed by at least one expert and maximum five.
    2. The submission will be sent out to review within a day.
    3. Each submission undergoes detailed review by appointed domain experts and peer-reviews by domain peers. Results will send as soon as possible ( minimum 20 days ) after completion of the review process.
    4. The Report will send to authors with payment instruction
    5. Final document will evaluate by technical committee whether author modified the document as per reviewer suggestion.
    6. If satisfied document will forward to publication committee otherwise once again document will forward to author for modification.
    7. Periodical update will happen within a month.

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