Structural Design and Analysis of Mounting Structure for Flight Vehicle

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Volume-8 Number-7                          
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors : Yalla Shirley , N.Jeevan Kumar


Yalla Shirley , N.Jeevan Kumar . "Structural Design and Analysis of Mounting Structure for Flight Vehicle", International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology(IJETT), V8(7),372-394 February 2014. ISSN:2231-5381. published by seventh sense research group


The project deals with the structural design and analysis of mounting structure for assembling of electronic packages in a flight vehicle section. The flight vehicle consists of various sections assembled to form an integrated vehicle. Different types of electronic packages to meet the requirements are assembled in different flight vehicle sections based on the flight vehicle configuration. One such type of flight vehicle section needs to be assembled with different electronic packages. The packages have to be rigidly mounted on a mounting structure in the flight vehicle section. The launch of a flight vehicle can be one of the most rigorous loads environments for which to design hardware. The high random vibration loads imparted on vehicle by the electronic packages during launch create an adverse design requirement that all hardware have a natural frequency greater than that of the vehicle, in order to avoid damage and failure due to dynamic coupling. Maximizing natural frequency is generally accomplished by creating as stiff and lightweight a design as possible. However, designing for the resultant high loads also requires a high strength intermediate structure for mounting the various components and subassemblies to the vehicle structure. These two opposing design requirements drive an optimization between a lightweight and high strength structure. The project comprises of design and analysis of the mounting structure. The mounting structure has to be designed to withstand the loads generated by the electronic packages. It also includes the design of mounting plate and brackets to withstand the given loads using CAD and CAE tools. Unigraphics software is used for modeling the flight vehicle section, packages and the mounting plate with brackets. The mounting plate and brackets are imported to ANSYS software for structural analysis. The mounting plate with brackets is applied with specified loads in different flight conditions like Pitch, Yaw and Roll moments. A finite element model was created to manually iterate several aspects of the design, such as geometric characteristics like thicknesses and fillet radii, to analyze the effects on weight and stress and converge on a successful design .The project elucides in detail the methodology adopted for the analysis of mounting structures for flight vehicles.


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