Volume-20 Number-1 February 2015

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Influence of Hybrid Material Arrangements on Free Vibration Analysis of Thick FRP Skew Specially Orthotropic Laminate with Circular Cutout

- K. Srividya , Dr. V. Balakrishna Murthy , Dr. M.R.S. Satyanarayana



The Effects of Declining Amine Contactor Tower Pressure on Rich Amine Loading: A Case Study and Simulation

- Mohammed H. S. Zangana , Ribwar K. Abdulrahman , Khasro Salih Ali , Immanuel Sebastine


Reduction of the EM Backscattering for Frequency-Independent Stealth Coating

- Salah I. Yahya , Yazen A. Khalil



Design of Sugar Bucket Elevator and Roller Conveyor Chain for 20 Tonnes per Hour Capacity

- Hemlata H.Mulik , Bhaskar D.Gaikwad



Measuring Security Awareness on Mobile Money Users in Tanzania

- Augustine Malero



Wireless Speed and Direction Control of Dc Motor by Using Radio Frequency Technology

- Ankesh N.Nichat , Sheikh Kadir Ali ,Yogesh D. Solanke , Amit M. Dodke



Glaucoma Detection Using Optic Cup and Optic Disc Segmentation

- Mr. Prasad N. Maldhure , Prof. V. V. Dixit



Two Different Multi-Kernels for Fuzzy C-means Algorithm for Medical Image Segmentation

- Nookala Venu , B. Anuradha



Optimal Air Pollution Control Strategy Based on Particle Size Distribution

- Avinash P. Deshmukh , M. Srinivasarao



Optimization of Double Anti-Reflective Coating SiOx / SiNx on the Solar Cells with Silicon Conventional

- Nacire Mbengue , Moulaye Diagne , Mamadou Niane , Awa Dieye , Omar.A.Niasse , Bassirou Ba



External Quantum Efficiency of a Solar Cell Zno/Cdte: Effect of Emitter and Base Thicknesses

- Moulaye Diagne , Nacire Mbengue , Mamadou Niane , Omar .A. Niasse , Bassirou Ba



A Review on Selection and Usage of Modern Active Power Filter

- Sumer Chand Prasad , Dr. D. K. Khatod



Experimental Analysis of Solar Operated Thermo-Electric Heating and Cooling System

- Mr. Swapnil B. Patond , Miss. Priti G. Bhadake , Mr. Chetan B. Patond



Design & Manufacturing of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)- Selection, Modification , Static & Dynamic Analysis of ATV Vehicle

- Upendra S. Gupta , Sumit Chandak , Devashish Dixit



Visual Authentication Using QR Code to Prevent Keylogging

- R Divya , S Muthukumarasamy