Volume-60 Number-2 June 2018

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Determination of Strength Characteristics of SuperPlasticized Concrete (Study on Common Concrete in Calabar South of Cross River State, Nigeria)

- E.G.Ewah, E.E.Nyah and E.E.Okon F.j.Egu

Failure Analysis and Optimization of Aircraft Wheel Hub for Optimum Landing Scenario

- Ejiroghene Kelly Orhorhoro, Ikpe Aniekan Essienubong, Oyejide Oluwayomi Joel

Analysis of Solar Operated Intermittent Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System

- C. V. Papade, S. V. Karande

Investigation of Structural, Morphologicaland Optical Properties of Ni Doped Cdonanoparticles for Bactericidal Applications

- S.Anne Kavitha, M. Priya Dharshini, V. Shally, Sr.Gerardin Jayam

Green Leaf Township Planning – An Over View

- Sushma Jayavarapu, Satya Surya Vamsi P

Generation and Economics of 100kwp Roof-Top Grid Connected PV Plant

- Durga Prasad Ananthu and Dr.Neelshetty K

Utilisation of Latex Sludge with Fly Ash as Brick Ingredient

- Sajna S, Naflun Fathima N, Sharon K Sabu , Siddique Mon M , Asst.Prof.Nusly K Noohu

Effects of Process Parameters onMachining Time in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of 9CrSi Steel

- Tran Anh Duc, Nguyen Manh Cuong, Luu Anh Tung, Le Xuan Hung, Vu Ngoc Pi

New Heuristic for Constrained Non- Renewable Resource Allocation in Stochastic Metagraphs with Discrete Random Times

- Maryam Ebrahimi Erdi, Seyed Saeid Hashemin

Parallel Eclat with Large Data Base Parallel Algorithm and Improve its Effectiveness

- Ms. Shruti Ingle, Mr. Abhay Kothari

Selective Heuristic Load Balancing In Cloud Computing

- Pooja Mangla, Dr. Sandip Kr. Goyal

Private Cloud Containerization using Raspberry Pi Network

- Sahana M P, Sonali Joyce Lobo

Assessment of Progressive Collapse for a Multi-Storey RC Framed Structure using Linear Static Analysis Technique

- Yash Jain, Dr.V.D. Patil

Screening and Isolation of Higher Yielding Strain for Citric Acid Production

- Damu Mokinda Survase

A QoS-Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Networks

- Sadaf Mujawar, Kalyani Handal, Prof. Dr. P. H. Patil, Prof. N. A. Dawande, Prof. Moresh Mukhedkar

Security Enhancements for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Trust Management Using Uncertain Reasoning

- Kalyani Handal, Prof. Moresh mukhedkar, Prof. Dr. P. H. Patil, Sadaf Mujawar

Proficient Tape Asset Administration Utilizing Deduplication in Cloud Reinforcement and Recorded Administrations

- K. Nagajyothi , K. Malathi