Volume-64 Number-1 October 2018

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Queue Management: Improvement in the Call Handling Process in the I.T. Sector in an Eletric Power Company

- Larissa Oliveira Martins, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré


Design and Optimization of Crankshaft in Multiaxle Vehicle Using FEA

- Balram Yadav, Vishal Achwal, Dr.Suman Sharma


Design of Tire Changer

- Melku Abebe, Kirubel Akele, Melaku Solomon, Meron Bancha, Teshome Dengiso Megiso


Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reversible Image Transformation

- A.Sathi Babu, P.N.B.Swamy, P.Chenna Rao


Outrigger Structural System – A Review and Comparison of the Structural System

- Prof. N. G. Gore, Miss Purva Mhatre


Latch-Type Sense Amplifier Modification for Coupling Suppression

- Chandra kishore, Amit Kumar


Utilization of Soil Cement in Construction of Road Pavement: An Overview

- Dheeraj K, Abhishek K, Keshav K, Bikram K, Devendra A, Sachin S


Damping Force Effect with Respect to Time and Displacement of Two Identical Spheres using Discrete Element Method

- Oleena S H


Smart Farming: A Techno Agriculture Advancement Powered by Machine Learning

- Sandeep Ravikanti, Dheeraj Ganesh


Measuring the Effectiveness of VaR in Indian Stock Market

- N. Sai Pranav, Satya Sai Mudigonda, R.Prabhakara Rao


Lived Experiences of Teen-aged Maguindanaon Student Mothers in South Central Mindanao, Philippines

- Abdulsamad S. Shaik


Reduction of Cost in Plane Tissue Dyeing in Strong Colors using Alkaline Sodium Silicate

- Ariany Nascimento Moraes, Jesusimar de Oliveira Dornelas


Application of the Arena Software in the Process of French Bread Production in a Bakery Located in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

- Tamires da Silva Prata Athouguia, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré