Volume-67 Issue-11 Number-2 November 2019

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Comparative Study of Software Test Automation Frameworks

- Khalid Eldrandaly, Mahmoud Abd ElLatif, Nora Zaki


Synthesis and Structural Studies of a New Polydentate Ligand and its Ni (II) Complex

- Tsegaye Fekadu Egza


Determining the Role of Treadle Pump Technology for Transforming Irrigation Practices in Rural Areas

- Adeogun, E. O, M. Y. Kasali


Profile Analysis of Work Accidents In A Metallurgical Industry Of The Zona Da Mata Mineira

- Carlos José Perciliano, Zarur de Oliveira Silvano


Production And Energy Characterisation of Briquettes: Produced With Agroforestable Waste Cotton And Wood Saws For Burning In Steam Generator For Process

- Rafael Santos de Castro, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré, Patricia Wernek Silva de Oliveira


Analysis of The Billing Process of Electricity Accounts At A Shared Service Center (Csc) In The State of Minas Gerais

- Bruna dos Santos Domingos, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré, Antonio ElizioOliveira


Comparative Analysis Of Economic Feasibility For Energy Efficiency: Dimensioning A Photovoltaic System In A Confection In Municipality Of Dona Euzebia (Mg)

- Larissa Aparecida Nascimento Oliveira, Antônio de Oliveira Elízio


The Need of Genetic Algorithms (GAs) in Project Scheduling

- Nile Tushar Rambhau, Kanneti Lakshmi Tanuja, Murlidhar Revu Rathod, Mohammed Yaser Noaman


Economic Feasibility To Implant A Project of Energectical Efficiency In A Higher Education Institution In Cataguases Minas Gerais – Brazil

- Vitor Fagundes Rodrigues, Antônio Elízio de Oliveira


A Survey of Sentiment Analysis Process and Technologies

- Priyanka Namdev, Prof. Lakhan Singha


Improving Yarn Quality by Modification on Drafting Zone Settings of Draw Frame

- Karthikeyan M Ramasamy, Ramesh Duraisamy, Habib Mammo


Mixed Convection Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis over a Vertical Flat Plate having Slip Boundary Conditions with oxide Nano fluids

- Srinivasa Rao Gogulapati, K. Sridhar, K.V. Sharma


Hardware Implementation of Non-isolated Sextuple Output Hybrid Converter

- Harshal D. Vaidya, Dr. S. M. Badave, Ruchita P. Dahad


Dispersion effect on Single mode Optical fibre transmission link

- Okeke R.O, Idigo V.Ed