Volume-67 Issue-12 Number-1 December 2019

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 Effect of fly ash and polypropylene fibre on geotechnical properties of clayey soil

- Ali Mohd Dar, Mohd. Arif Dar, Anoop Sharma


Effect of cement kiln dust and polypropylene fibre on geotechnical properties of clayey soil

- Mohd.Arif dar, Ali Mohd Dar, Anoop Sharma


The Role of Dietary Polyphenols in preventing cancer and Their Mechanism of Action: A Review

- Alemu Mekonnen Tura, Tesfaye Seifu Lemma


The Contamination of Essential and Non- Essential Heavy Metals In Edible Vegetables In The South of Ethiopia, Gamo Gofa Province

- Birhane Hidug Desta, Fisseha Guesh Gebremeskela


Design and Analysis of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Chassis Through Material Optimization

- Sanchit Shrivastava, Roopesh Tiwari, Suman Sharmaa


 Effect of Standoff Distance During Waterjet Peening Interaction with Titanium Alloy

- Sujita Darmo, Nur Kaliwantoroa


 Extraction and Characterization of Essential Oil from Ginger Rhizome Collected From Arba Minch Market

- Tesfaye Seifu Lemma, Tsegaye Fekadu Egza


 Determination of Some Selected Major, Minor (Trace) and Ultratrace Metals in Some Selected Cereals Commonly Used in Arba Minch, Ethiopia

- Fisseha Guesh Gebremeskel, Birhane Hiduge Desta


 Effect of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and fly ash on the CBR and UCS of clayey soil

- Indu Priya, Anoop Sharma


 Optimization of CNC Turning Cutting Parameter for Geometrical Dimensional Accuracy with Surface roughness on the non-ferrous Material Applying Taguchi Technique

- Santosh Kumar Patod, Dr. Suman Sharma


 Significance of iron ore resources of Pur- Banera Belt in the economics of Bhilwara District

- Pooja Sharma, Arun Kumar Shandilya, Neeraj Srivastave


 Learning and Recognition of Primitive Threedimensional Shapes using Solid Angles

- Satoshi Kodama, Kota Endo


 A Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Path Routing in Computer Networks

- Sowmya KS, N Raksha Rao, Disha P Khanted