Volume-67 Issue-10 Number-2 October 2019

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Use of Coir Fiber And Wheat Husk Ash To Improve the Characteristics of Clayey Soil

- Ishtiaq Ahmed, Anoop Sharma


Testing Fixtures for Load Break Switches

- S. Prabu Venkateswaran, D. Ajay , G. Barath, E. Jai Subha, K. Gopi


Preferment and Intension of the Intellectual 3D Printed Prosthetic Arm Appropriating EMG Signals

- Dr. B. Sivasankari, B. Affrudeen, R. Abinaya, B. Harish, V. Gunaseelan


Advances in Low Temperature Processing

- Darshana C. Admane, Dr. Sneha V. Karadbhajnei


Lean Office Applied In the Training and Development Sector of An Electricity Distribution Company

- Carla Ribeiro Moreira, Mário César Fialho de Oliveira, Patrícia Werneck Silva de Oliveira, Jhosálim de Souza Ferrazi


Rows In Banks: Application of The Row Management Method And Proposal of A New Service Discipline In A Correspondent Banking

- Marlon Marinho Machado Pereira, Paulo Henrique Silva Lopes


Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative parameter involved in the frictional welding procedure of steel sample

- Purav Walia, Yati Dalal


Optimization in Processing Purchases For Purchases of Information Technology Equipment At A Shared Service Center Using Arena Software, 5w2h Matrix and Form Adjustment

- Vitor Hugo Martins Porfírio, Douglas Barbosa, Patrícia Werneck Silva de Oliveira


Market Intelligence Tools For Improving Decision-Making In A Textile Company

- Rafael Mota Viana,, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré, Mário César Fialho


Computer Simulation of The Heat Load Scrutiny For Best Use of Cupula Furnace

- Shadrack Mathew Uzoma, Tobinson A. Briggs


Use of The Pert / Cpm Network To Reduce The Number of Itamarati Municipal Travel Patients

- Letícia Bertholdo Ferreira, Mário Cesar Fialho,Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré


Enhancing Data Breach Risk Management: A Case Study of Kenyan Commercial Banks

- Silas Nzuva


Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Dimensional Reduction Algorithm

- Dr. Shubhangi D C, Tasleem Begum


Effective Active Course Learning Method for Education Data Using Feature Base Classification Model

- Mrs.R.Nirmala Devi, Ms.Anupriya Sharma


Enhanced FIS Operated Relay Model For Power System Overcurrent Protection

- Er.Maninderpal Singh, Dr. Gursewak Singh Brar, Ranbirjeet Kaur