Volume-48 Number-3 June 2017

Title/Author Name
Ref. No

Study of Linear Array of Microstrip Hexagonal Patch Antenna Printed on LiTi Ferrite under External Magnetic Biasing

- N K Saxena, R.K. Verma, N. Kumar, P.K.S. Pourush


Comparison of Heat Flux by using Different Geometry and Temperature of Exhaust Manifold

- Ankit Shukla, Prof. Vishal Achwal


Survey on Recurrent Neural Network in Natural Language Processing

- Kanchan M. Tarwani, Swathi Edem


Investigation of the FMRI based Carotid Occlusion Disease diagnostic System

- Shailesh V. Bhalerao


Aluminium hybrid metal matrix composites

- Mr.Bangarappa.L, Charan B.M, Vinya Kumar G.V, Deep.N.L, Koushik Vattikutti


An Efficient Approach of Content Based Image Retrieval using Texture, Color and Shape Features of an Image

- Suresh M B, Dr.B Mohankumar Naik


Object Tracking using HOG and SVM

- Siji Joseph, Arun Pradeep


Clinical Decision Support System for Privacy Preserving using Information Retrieval

- Ms. Pradnya Kul, Dr. V. S. Bidve


Analysis of V Slot Multiband Microstrip patch Antenna for S, C and X Bands

- Ajay Singh, G.P. Singh, Manvendra, Prinu C. Philip, Mukesh Kumar, Rohini saxena


Thermo Mechanical Analysis of a Piston with Different Thermal Barrier Coating Configuration

- Dipayan Sinha, Susenjit Sarkar, Samar Chandra Mandal


Design and Analysis of a Heat Exchanger with Helical Baffles by using CFD

- Basawaraj S. Hasu, Dr.G.V.Satynarayana Rao


Peristaltic Transport of a Couple-Stress Fluid with Nanoparticles in an Inclined Tube

- K. Maruthi Prasad, N. Subadra, U. S. Mahabaleshwar


A Review on various Single and Collaborative Black Hole Detection Schemes in Manet

- Prabhjot Kaur, Kamaljit Kaur


Improvement of Geotechnical Properties of Red Soil using Waste Plastic

- Pragyan Mishra, P Suresh Chandra Babu


Extending insight to the Analytics of Mobile Business Intelligence

- Disha Milan Gupta


Studies on Effect of Ball Burnishing Parameters on Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials with and without Presence of Abrasive Particles

- Deekshith Shetty, Manoj Kumar K, Prasad, Bharath Kumar


Design and Analysis of Machine Tool Spindle

- Satish Kumbar, Vikram birangane


Investigation of the Effect of Injection Timings on the Performance of an Internal Combustion Engine using Computational Fluid Dynamics

- Ch.Moses Aravind, Hemachandra Reddy.K


Development of a VSAT Based Virtual E-Learning System: (ARCSSTE-E as a Case study)

- Fashade.O.O, Salu.B.O, Salau.A. O, Ojo.A.G, Ajala.O. S


Optimization of Engine Cover

- Shrikant Ghatiga, Dr.S.N Kurbet


Study of Structural Stability of Globe Valve in Petroleum and Sugar Industries

- Anil Rathod, Dr. S N Kurbet


Measuring the contribution of conflict resolution dexterity among stakeholders to effective software engineering projects in Nigeria

- Adanma Cecilia Eberendu; Edem Okon Peter Akpan; Emmanuel.C Ubani; Kelvin A. Okorocha


Design and Fabrication of an Industrial Tank Mouting and Lowering (M-L) Machine

- C. C. Eze, D. C. Nnadi, C.S. Agu, J. C. Aririguzo


Effect of Stresses on the Walls of a Pressure Vessel

- D. C. Nnadi, C. C. Eze, J.C Aririguzo, C. S. Agu


Smart Cities Based on Internet of Things (IoT) -A Review

- Suman Kumar Choudhary, Ravindra B. Sathe, Arun E. Kachare


Ergonomics Aspect of Occupational Hazard in the Data Processing in a Typical University Medical Centre

- Akinyoola J. O, Rominiyi O.L, Afolabi S.O, Adaramola B .A, Ikumapayi O.M


Experimental Investigation of Gas Flow Rate Effect on Mild Steel Plates for Weld Porosity Prevention at GTAW Process using Interactive Factor Plots

- Omoyibo – Kingsley, Queeneth .A., Osarenmwinda .J.O.