Volume-65 Number-1 November 2018

Title/Author Name
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Space Observatory to Study Black Holes

- Jayapoornima.V, Vaishali.K


ECG Biometric Verification by using PCA

- Dr.Jameel Kadhim Abed, Nahrain N.Abd


Deep Learning: Approaches and Challenges

- Ahmad Akl, Ahmed Moustafa, Ibrahim El-Henawy


Well- Established Bootstrap Algorithms

- Asmaa Abdel-Kader, Ahmad Moustafa, Ibrahim Elhenawy


Keyword Search Techniques over Encrypted Outsourcing Data

- Amira Sallam, Ahmed Moustafa, Ibrahim El-Henawy


Study of a Special Finishing Flow: Analysis and Improvement of Process Quality

- Eduardo Alvim Marinato, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré


Application of the Lean Manufacturing Process in the Practical Lessons of the Course Learning in Industrial Mechanical Maintenance in Senai José Ignácio Peixoto Vocational Training Center

- Caio César Ramos de Souza, Paulo Henrique Silva Lopes, Josiane Aparecida Cardoso de Souza


Reverse Logistics Applied in Waste of Fried Food in Restaurants in the Center of a City in the Forest Zone of Minas Gerais State

- Igor Souza Ribeiro, Mário César Fialho de Oliveira


Planning and Programming of the Production of a Micro-Company of Bags and Bags

- Maiza Garonce Ferreira, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré, Paulo Henrique Silva Lopes


Implantation of the RFID System: an Application in a Plant Company in the Forest Zone of Minas Gerais State

- Brenda Menezes Timóteo, Mário César Fialho de Oliveira, Paulo Henrique Silva Lopes, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré


Lean office: Case Study at a Daycare Center Located in Cataguases-MG

- Jhosálim de Souza Ferraz, Mário César Fialho de Oliveira, Patrícia Werneck Silva de Oliveira, Carla Ribeiro Moreira


Fault Current Mitigation using Solid State Fault Current Limiter at Bonite Botlers Ltd

- Exaud SaulTweve, Nicholaus George Moyo


Risk Based Approach to Calculate General Motor Insurance Reserve using High Performance Computing

- Nikhil Rai, Akhilesh Pandey, Karam Rai, Pallav Kumar Baruah, Satya Sai Mudigonda, Phani Krishna Kandala


Prototype of Fault Identification in the Electric Power Distribution Network with Remote Signalling

- Tiago de Oliveira Luciano, Gilberto Sousa Lopes, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré


Thermal Analysis of Differential Scan-DSC Calorimetry for the Pure High-Density Polyethylene and Its Variables

- Luiz Fábio de Oliveira Junior, Zarur Silvano, Pedro Martins Rocha