Volume-67 Issue-1 Number-1 January 2019

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The Effects of Emulsifiers and their Different Forms on the Physical, Chemical and Textural Properties of Sponge Cakes

- Izzet Özhamamci, Kübra Çakiroğlu, Mustafa Fatih Ertugay


Application of Quantitative Fishbone Diagram for Investigation of Erosion Defect in CI Casting Produced by Sand Casting Process

- Mr. S. M. Ingale, Dr. V. A. Raikar, Mr. S. M. Shinde


Analysis of Pores Size and Distribution Effects On the Total Dimensional Specification of Pinion Gear, Head Stock And Drive Disc of Manganese Steel (46MNSi4) Casts using Control Chart And Ishikawa Diagram (Case at Akaki-Basic Metals Industry –Ethiopia)

- Asmamaw Tegegne, Netsanet Desalegn


Performance Measures of Filter Bank Multi-Carrier Waveform for 5G Communication

- Mr.J.Dinesh Kumar, Mr.C.Balamurugan


Online Mentoring System (An Online Mentor-Student System)

- Shivani Thakare, Sudhir Jadhav, Indrasen Mane, Shubham Pawar, Prof. Abhilasha Kulkarni


Fracture Analysis of Microwave Induced Al6061 Joints

- Shivinder Singh, R. M. Belokar, N. M. Suri


Valuation of Residential and Commercial Building-Case Study

- Minal. P. Chaudhari, More Leena K, Sarvesh R.Joshi


Ribosomes - The Bio Monitors of Protein Synthesis

- Eswari beeram


Big Data: Data Science Applications and Present Scenario

- Shubhankar Chaturvedi and Shwetank Kanava


Big Data: An Overview to Applications in Health Sector

- Shwetank Kanava and Shubhankar Chaturvedi