Volume-68 Issue-11 November 2020


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 Testing of a Novel Tone Reservation technique for reduced PAPR of Zero Tail DFT-s-OFDM Signals Using TR Clipping

- Pathuri Lavanya, Penke Satyanarayana, Mohammad Mohatram


 Comparative Analysis of Companies Stock Price Prediction Using Time Series Algorithm

- Lakshmana Phaneendra Maguluri, R. Ragupathy


 The Influence of Wetting of Flow Passage Surfaces in Pumps-as-Turbines on Their Energetic Characteristics

- A.V. Volkov, A.V. Ryzhenkov, A.A. Vikhlyantsev, A.A. Druzhinin, S.P. Cherepanov, Jiří Šoukal, Milan Sedlař, Martin Komárek, František Pochylý, Pavel Rudolf, Simona Fialová


 The Influence of Laser Impact on Wettability of Brass Surface

- A.V. Ryzhenkov, M.R. Dasaev, S.V. Grigoriev, E.M. Tyabut, E.S. Trushin


 Ways of Intensifying the Heat Exchange Processes in a Single-Well System for Subsoil Deep Thermal Energy Pickup and Transportation

- A.V. Ryzhenkov, A.Y. Likhaeva, S.V. Grigoryev, M.R. Dasaev, I.S. Sokolov


  A Hybrid Self-Propelled Accident Relief Train (SPART) with 3-φ PMSM as Traction Motors for India

- R. Somanatham, C. Nagamani, Gopala Venu Madhav


 Privacy Preserving Data Mining: Techniques and Algorithms

- Ritu Ratra, Preeti Gulia


 Inter-Gateway Handoff Management Using Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) for Wireless Mesh Networks

- N Bhushana Babu D, E V Krishna Rao, K.S.N.Murthy


 Predict Stock Market's Fluctuating Behaviour : Role of Investor's Sentiments on Stock Market performance

- Uma Gurav, Prof.Dr.S.Kotrappa


 Design of Event Management System for Smart Retail Stores with IoT Edge

- RR Karthikeyan, Dr. B. Raghu


 A Study on the Improvement of Sound Quality by Compensatory Variables through Improved Openness in Virtual Space

- Seong-Geon Bae


 Three-Axis Tunneling Micro accelerometer Based on Self-Organizing Structures

- I.E. Lysenko, M.A. Denisenko, A.S. Isaeva, V.D. Popov


 Multistage Security Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET)

- Muhannad Tahboush, Mary Agoyi, Abdllkader Esaid


 NoSQL Database Design for SNS Profiling in Criminal Investigations

- Jiyeon Kim, Minsun Shim, Seyoung Jin, Seung Hoon Lee, In Soo Lee, Myuhng-Joo Kim


 A Review: Properties of Micro Steel Fibre (MSF) in High-Performance Concrete in Terms of Crack Propagation

- Suchitra Ramasamy, Shahiron Shahidan, Sharifah S.M. Zuki, Mohamad A.M. Azmi


 Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Behavior of As, Cd, Cr, Pb and Zn in Contaminated Soil Stabilised and Solidified (S/S) using Cement and Sugarcane Bagasse Ash

- Mohamad Azim Mohammad Azmi, Saiful Azhar Ahmad Tajudin, Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Karim, Shahiron Shahidan, Nor Baizura Hamid, Mardiha Mokhtar, Sharifah Salwa Mohd Zuki


 A Review on Development of Effectiveness Evaluation in the Manufacturing System

- J. Logeshwaran, RM Nachiappan, S. Nallusamy, N. Ethiraj


 Artificial Neural Network for the Internet of Things Security

- Amit Sagu, Nasib Singh Gill, Preeti Gulia


 Numerical modeling and experimental validation of new energetic materials in favor of photovoltaic modules

- Khadija Ezzouitine, Mustapha Jammoukh, Abdelilah Hachim, Abdelkader Boulezhar


 Impact of 1-Hexanol Fumigation on Diesel engine Emissions using Moringa Oleifera Biodiesel

- R.Pradeepraj, K.Rajan, S. Nallusamy


 Identify the Image-Based CAPTCHA by Using Back Propagation Algorithm of Artificial Neural Network

- Renu Saroha, Sumeet Gill


 Assessment of the COPQ due to Poor Maintenance Practices in Saudi Industry

- Mohammad Kanan


 A Study on the Human Body Response to the Sound of Stepping on Fallen Leaves in ASMR

- Ik-Soo Ahn