Volume-28 Number-2 October 2015

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Aspects of City's Fortification through Time: The challenge of Fortifying Baghdad as a Case Study

- Sahar B. M. Al-Qaisi


Influence of the donor doping density in CdS and Zn(O,S) buffer layers on the external quantum efficiency of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cell

- Alain Kassine EHEMBA, Moustapha DIENG, Demba DIALLO, Gerome SAMBOU


Role of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Four Wheeler Automobile Service Industry: A Review

- Mohammad Javed, Dr.Parul Gupta, Dr.Vishal Saxena


Car Wheel slip Modelling, Simulation, and Control using Quarter Car Model

- Abubaker Abasalam A. Emheisen, Abdussalam Ali Ahmed, Nasr Ismael Alhusein, Abdurahim Alfadel Sakeb, Abdulhamid.S. Abdulhamid


Design and simulation of FBAR with different electrodes material configuration

- Yatin Kumar, Kamaljit Rangra, Ravinder Agarwal


CFD Simulation of Centrifugal Casting of Al-SiC FGM for the Application of Brake Rotor Disc

- Vinay Chandran R., Dr. Deviprasad Varma P.R., Abdul Samad P.A


Mode I Fracture Toughness of Jute/Glass Fibre Hybrid Composite – An experimental and Numerical Study

- Harikrishnan K.R., Dr. Deviprasad Varma P.R., E. Shivakumar


Arduino Based Wireless Biomedical Parameter Monitoring System Using Zigbee

- Harshavardhan B.Patil, Prof.V.M.Umale


Structural Analysis of Bicycle Frame Using Composite Laminate

- Arun Sam Varghese, Sreejith N.K.


A Comparative Study of Various Generations in Mobile Technology

- Charu, Mr. Rajeev Gupta


Finite Element Analysis and Parametric Study of Schwedler Dome Using ABAQUS Software

- Merilmol Eldhose, Rajesh A K, Ramadass S


A Study of Overhead Water Tanks Subjected to Dynamic Loads

- Dona Rose K J, Sreekumar M, Anumod A S


Study of Fresh State Properties & Durability of Self Compacting Concrete with Weathered Crystalline Rock Sand as Fine Aggregate

- Jyothis Mary C.J, Ranjan Abraham

Upgrading from the use of 2D CAD systems to BIM technologies in the construction industry: consequences and merits

- Ogwueleka, Amaka Chinweude


Design and Optimization of 2-stage Variable Valve Actuation Mechanism for Diesel Engines

- Ashish Jain, Dr S S Thipse, Dr E Porpatham


Pragmatic Analysis of CNT Interconnects for Nanometer Regime

- Shailendra Mishra, Divya Mishra, R.P. Agarwal


Downtime Analysis of Tube Filling and Carton Packing Machine at FMCG Company

- Paragjyoti Baishya, Ajoy Krishna Dutta


Comparative Study on Classification of Thyroid Diseases

- Suman Pandey, Deepak Kumar Gour, Vivek Sharma


Comparison of Dynamic Behaviour of Structures Subjected to Blast Loads

- Athira Sathyan, A P Beena, Dr. S B Tiwari, Ranjan Abraham