Volume-66 Number-2 December 2018

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Vehicles Detection Based on Background Modeling

- Mohamed Shehata, Reda Abo-Al-Ez, Farid Zaghlool, and Mohamed Taha Abou-Kreisha


Optimization of Injection Pressure and Injection Timing of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Optimized Blend of B25 Cotton Seed Oil Biodiesel

- K.Vijayaraj, A.Muruga Ganesan


Determining the Mechanical Properties of a New Composite Material using Artificial Neural Networks

- Emilia Ciupan, Mihai Ciupan, Daniela-Corina Jucan


An Approach for Improved Virtual Gridding in WSN

- Rajveer Kaur Khosa, Pawan Luthra, Gagandeep


Comparative Analysis of Transmission Losses in the Nigerian 330kV Old Existing 28-Bus and 41-Bus System

- Anumaka, M.C


Evaluation of Performance of Electrical Power Supply in South-East Nigeria

- M.C Anumaka


Application of Nature Inspired Algorithms for Decision Making of Small Businessmen

- Banerjee Krishnadas, Das Anupam, Dhawa Sagar Kumar, Dr.Roy Chowdhury Dilip, Dr.Das Anirban


The Implementation of Risk Management Strategies in Joint Venture Building Projects in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

- Novatus A. Mikapagaro, Dennis N.G.A.K. Tesha, Godwin C. Maro, Blandina K. Edson


Fire Safety Preparedness in Building Construction Sites in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

- Jaffari S. Jongo, Dennis N.G.A.K. Tesha, Valentine G.M. Luvara, Justine J. Teyanga, Evelyine T. Makule


Geochemistry and Genesis of Manganese Ore Deposits, Andhra Pradesh, India

- T.Suryanarayana


Mobile Phone Addiction (MPA) Cross Severe Level

- Dr.Ms.Shabnam S. Mahat, Prof.Shivganga C. Maindargi


Design, Modeling and Control of Standalone Photovoltaic System for Rural Electrification in Ethiopia using MATLAB

- Biks Alebachew Taye


Review of Wide-Frequency Bandwidth Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester

- Madhan Muthusamy, Mohd Firdaus Jaafar


Pre-Decorrelation for Coded DS-CDMA System with Space-Time Block Coding

- F. S. Elhosarey, Ahmed A. Abouelfadl, Youssef A. Mobarak, S. A. Deraz, M. El-ShahatDessouki, A. I. Elbasiouny, A. El-Bahnasawy


Performance Enhancement of a Small Scale Solar Driven Humidification-Dehumidification Water Desalination Unit

- M. A. Rady, B. Bekhit, A. M. Abdelghani, A. M. Hegab, A. A. Abuhabaya