Volume-65 Number-2 November 2018

Title/Author Name
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Proposal of Social Inclusion for Visually Impaired Pedestrians: Prototyping of an Intelligent Traffic Light using Arduino

- Willian da Silva Ladeira, Paulo Henrique Silva Lopes


The Effect of Butt-weld Defects of Aluminum Joints on Fatigue Life Using Basquin Prediction Model

- Mohammed Algarni, Mohammed Zwawi


Study Case: Identification and Proposal of Improvements to the Process of Monitoring Nonconformity in a Metallurgical Company

- Erick Laion Almeida Carmo, Valmir Gonçalves, Patricia Werneck Silva de Oliveira


Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Strengthened with and without SFRC Beams Subjected to Fatigue Loading

- Zuhiar A. Muhamed, Mohammed A. Abdulsaied


Study of Improper Dislocations in a Brazilian Electric Power Concessionaire: A Proposal of Reduction

- Mauro Souza Carvalho Junior, Gilberto Souza Lopes


Automation of the Entry of Tax Invoices for the Optimization of the Process in a Metallurgical Company

- José Roberto de Medeiros Filho, Mário César Fialho de Oliveira, Patrícia Werneck Silva de Oliveira, Lennon Azevedo Verneck


Operational Research: Application of the Arena Software for the Optimization of the Inox Tower Manufacturing Process

- Raquel Silva Reis, Tiago Bittencourt Nazaré, Douglas Barbosa


Research and Analysis of the Acceptance of a Junior Company in the Brazilian City of Cataguases using the ANOVA Tool

- Roberta Simões Vargas, Douglas Barbosa, Patrícia Werneck Silva de Oliveira


Design of Intelligent Pre-Diagnosis System

- X.G.Zheng, C.D.Pan


Reduction of the Number of Reworks in the Exchange of Screen Throught the Tools on the Quality in a Small Business of Maintenance of Cellphones

- José Ângelo Andries Filho, Antonio Oliveira Elizio


Solar Energy and its Role in Sri Lanka

- G.H.D.Wijesena, A.R.Amarasinghe


Enhanced Security of Symmetric Encryption Using Combination of Steganography with Visual Cryptography

- Sherief H. Murad , Amr M. Gody , Tamer M. Barakat


Analysis of Process Parameters on the Biomass Gasification Using Response Surface Methodology

- M. Senthil Kumar


Intra-Device Transient Uninstall for Applications in Mobile Devices

- Deepak Kumar Garg, Sunil Rathour, Ankit Agarwal, Nitesh Goyal


Techno-Economic Analysis of Sustainable Energy Management Techniques – A Case Study

- Rijuta S.Bapat, Vasant A.Mhaisalkar, Rahul V.Ralegaonkar


Android Effect Based Serious Games for Stroke Rehabilitation

- Priti Madhukar Mithari