Volume-70 Issue-1 January 2022


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 Kinematic and Dynamic Study of Cam Mechanisms for Bottling Machines

- Fabio Corradini, Marco Silvestri


 Optimization of Dielectric Parameters for the Design of Optical Bandpass Filters

- Jegan Antony Marcilin, N.M. Nandhitha, G. Yogalakshmi


 Role of Exploratory Analytics and Visualization in Heart Disease Prediction

- Lijetha.C. Jaffrin, Dr.J. Visumathi, Dr.G.Umarani Srikanth


 Securing Mass Distributed Big Data Storage using Intelligent Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme in Multi-Cloud Computing

- Dr. V. Gokula Krishnan, Dr. J. Deepa, Dr. S. Venkata Lakshmi, T. A. Mohana Prakash, Dr. K. Sreerama Murthy, V. Divya


 Deployment of Deep Reinforcement Learning and Market Sentiment Aware Strategies in Automated Stock Market Prediction

- Keerthi Sagiraju, Prof. Shashi Mogalla


 A Study On Metaverse Spatial Acoustic Adaptation To Minimize Environmental Adaptation Using Spatial Sounds Around Accessors

- Seong-Geon Bae


 Hardness Prediction of Wind Turbine Components Considering the Tempering Effect

- Jong Soo Park, Seung Woo Kim, Hyoung Woo Lee, Ki Bong Han, Jin Mo Lee, Jong Hun Kang


 PEM Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicle Propelled by PMSM Using Fuzzy PID Controller- A Research

- Uma Ravi Sankar Yalavarthy, Venkata Siva Krishna Rao Gadi


 Development Of Fabricated Laboratory Scale Extruder Machine For The Production Of Rice-Like Grains From Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) Dough

- Richelle Mae D. Mendoza-Olpot, Kevin F. Yaptenco


 Theoretical Substantiation of the Advisability of Using Adhesives When Sealing the Core of Car Radiators and Diagnosing Radiators with a Thermal Load

- Uktam Salomov, Sardorbek Yusupov, Odil Odilov, Dilyor Moydinov


 A3C Based Dynamic BitRate for Video Streaming in 5G Edge Assisted D2D Communication Using H.266 With Conv-DBN

- M. Muni Babu, Dr. R. Praveen Sam, Dr. P. Chenna Reddy


 Energy and Congestion Aware Location Aided Routing (ECALAR) for MANETs

- Gorre Narsimhulu, Dr. D. Srinivasa rao


 Coal Mine Overburden As Resource Material For Making Brick

- A. S. Rathore, Manoj Pradhan, S. V. Deo, A. K. Dash


 How Aware and Active is the Swedish Building and Real Estate Sector in Climate-Smart Concrete?

- Alireza Bahrami, Rim Fares Awn, Jaqueline Corona, Bengt Eriksson


 HMI Development Automation with GUI Elements for Object-Oriented Programming Languages Implementation

- Syed Khalid Mustafa, Vladyslav Yevsieiev, Igor Nevliudov, Vyacheslav Lyashenko, Adel R. Alharbi, Wahid Rajeh


 COMSOL Modeling of Taguchi Optimized PEM Fuel Cell Arrays for Maximum Driving Capabilities

- Jyoti Lalotra, Parveen Kumar Lehana


 Enhanced Sentiment Classification for Dual Sentiment Analysis using BiLSTM and Convolution Neural Network Classifier

- Mamatha M, Rakshith Shenoy, Thriveni J, Venugopal K R


 Enhancing Web Application Using Adaptive Containerized Application Placement Based on Clustering and Content Caching in The Cloud Environment

- Mohamed. I.El-Shenawy, Hayam Mousa, Khaled M. Amin


 Genetic Algorithm For Tourism Route Planning Considering Time Constrains

- Ka-Cheng Choi, Sha Li, Chan-Tong Lam, Angus Wong, Philip Lei, Benjamin Ng, Ka-Meng Siu


 Detection of Text from Lecture Video Images using CTPN Algorithm

- Geeta S Hukkeri, R H Goudar


 An Original Method of Extraction Bands Based On Spectral And Spatial Characteristic To Reduce The Hyperspectral Image

- Agouzal Mehdi, Merzouqi Maria, Moha Arouch


 Assessing and Analysing the Potential of Urban Subsoil: A Case Study of Rabat, Morocco

- Mariame Bouchaqour, Latifa Ouadif, Lahcen Bahi


 A Neural Network-based Interframe Prediction for HEVC

- Kanike Sreenivasulu, T V K Hanumantha Rao


 Implementation of Fusion of Sclera and Periocular As A Biometric Authentication System Using Deep Learning

- V. Sandhya, Nagaratna P Hegde


 New Miniature Dual Mode Rat-race Coupler Design for Autonomous Vehicles

- P. Mahalakshmi, R. Vallikannu


 Possibilities of the Sound Insulation Increase for Power Equipment at Low Frequencies

- Aleksey Vladimirovich Kiryukhin, Leonid Nikolaevich Serezhkin, Alexey Pavlovich Zheleznov, Vladimir Ivanovitch Golovanov


 Scientific Study of Asphalt Road Surface Distress and their Role in the Design of Flexible Pavements

- Salim G. Shaikh, Dinesh U. Mahajan, Mohammad Nubairshah S. Shaikh, Abhijeet P. Wadekar


 Measurement in Network-RTK for the Survey And Representation of A Quarry: Potentials And Limits

- Massimiliano Pepe, Domenica Costantino


 Ensemble Learning Based Analysis Correlating Graphology to Big Five Personality Model

- Lakshmi Durga, Deepu. R


 Secure Aware Cluster-Based Routing For Manet Using A Multi-Objective-Trust Centric Flower Pollination Algorithm

- Arudra Annepu, Priti Mishra